Angels are a foriegn species that just appeared on Dylaera one day, began colonising the world and eventually created the empire of Divinity. Their home country on the continent of Karkira was annialated when Aurora self destructed during her battle with Emmanuel.

Angels share many similarities with humans though they are generally fairer looking and have crow-like wings that can be seen in a variety of colours. Angel wings can be retracted into the body(The vaelon can do this too on account of their origins through Lucifer). The average lifespan of an angel is 400-500 years.

The Divine KingsEdit

  • Adonai the First King
  • Emmanuel the Fallen King


Angel magic is that with focuses on the soul, allowing the user to posses an ability akin to themself. Barriers, Shockwaves, Flitting, Gravity, etc. Their magic is thought to look synthetic in comparison with Dragons who use the elements.

Arch AngelsEdit

Arch Angels are those few who have been born with a rare strain of magic that allows them to manipulate a being's soul. All Arch Angels are required to be fostered by the current Divine King so as to aid them in reaching their full potential.


Wardens are an annoited group who've claimed the life of at least one dragon during the hunts.


Fallen are a group of angels who've defected from Divinity and have joined the Outcasts.