Breed refers to an elemental bias that is present in some magic wielding bodies.

The Six Origin BreedsEdit

  • Earth(E)
  • Fire(F)
  • Metal(M)
  • Water(Wa)
  • Wind(Wi)
  • Wood(Wo)

The Secondary BreedsEdit

These are a merge between two of the six origins. Note: mi/ma refers to Minor/Magor referencing which is the stronger influence that created the outcome. For example: Forge is Fire(mi)/Metal(ma) while Electric is Fire(ma)/Metal(mi).

  • Forge: M(ma)+F(mi)
  • Electric: F(ma)+M(mi)
  • Magma: E(ma)+F(mi)
  • Crystal: F(ma)+E(mi)
  • Cure: Wa(ma)+Wo(mi)
  • Poison: Wo(ma)+Wa(mi)
  • Ore: M(ma)+E(mi)
  • Soil: E(ma)+M(mi)
  • Thermal: Wi+F
  • Cinder: Wo+F
  • Mud: E+Wa
  • Mist: Wa+Wi
  • Sand: Wi+E
  • Ironwood: Wo+M
  • Rust: Wa+M
  • Steam: Wa+F

The Tertiary BreedsEdit

Tertiary breeds are those with three corresponding elements.

  • Meteor: M(mi)+E(ma)+F
  • Glass: (Wi+E)+F
  • Swamp: Wo+E+Wa
  • Furnace: (M(ma)+F(mi))+Wi

Genetic InheritanceEdit

A soul's breed is always inherited in some way by its ancestors. The parent element(s) can either work to become one or the other or in some cases merge.

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