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These dragons range anywhere from the size of a human to the sun.

  • Solios
  • Lyllian
  • Cohric
  • Nephius
  • Eon
  • Nautilus
  • Volin
  • Celtriune

The Grandmother of DragonsEdit

See: Aurora

The Great SixEdit

The six children of Aurora:

The Immortal Fifty-ThreeEdit

The Immortal Fifty-Three were for a time the last of the dragon species, they barely survived the hunts which decimated the population by 99%. Upon a deal made with the arch angel Lucifer the dragon Serna and Fwayli ensured that the remaining children would live on into the new era.

For complete list: The Immortal Fifty-Three

The FallenEdit

Not all of the Great Six's children survived, many didn't even live to see their name day.




The offspring of the Fifty-Three, they are not fully dragon.

See: Vaelon


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