Dusk was the first to become immortal, but unlike all the other Immortal Fifty-Three, Dusk was fused to the Arch Angel Metallion and as such he has become a true immortal. Dusk can never be killed, nor die from age. Since he never entered the loop that all the others did, he still carries Metallion in his soul; a constant companion.


  • Age: 
  • Title: The Dragon of Immortality
  • Species: Vaelon /Arch Angel
  • Magic: Fire, Soul Transference,  
  • Bounty: 1,880,000 
  • Armaments: Infinita: A large crescent scythe with a black rune blade.
  • Faction: Outcasts 
  • Primary Location: Jericho
  • Occupation: Drifter
  • Rank: None
  • Family:

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