Dylaera World Map 1280

World map of Dylaera.

The planet Dylaera is planet slightly larger than Earth, it is the main setting for almost all books in this fictional universe.

The planet is orbited by two moons: Lyllian and Corhic. It has five continents: Jericho , Doliceire , Eden , Karkira , and Taelizeil with the Endless Isle island chain weaving between them all.

Geography Edit

Dylaera is a habitable planet with a circumference of 46,502km


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The Flow of Time Edit

In Dylaera a single year can be broken down into 13 months with 382 days. Each day is composed of 26 hours. A grouping of days is often called a 'bracket' which is made of 10 days.

Months: Edit

  • Fraenel: consists of 30 days
  • Dremet: 31 days
  • Caol: 26 days
  • Vesur: 30 days
  • Ghoel: 31 days
  • Swuaif: 27 days
  • Kaytil: 31 days
  • Bregrior: 31 days
  • Crequien: 29 days
  • Quynilus: 32 days
  • Hariec: 30 days
  • Ureol: 21 days
  • Oxarius: 33 days

Holidays Edit

Dylaera celebrates a slew of holidays and festivals, though there are none celebrated globally until the conclusion of The War of Embers.

Outcast: Edit

Divinity: Edit

  • Oucast's Harvest(first full moon of Quynilus) <Divinity>

Neutral: Edit