Emily Alistair is the second main character of Sands of Memory, the first book in the Embers' War Saga. She accompanies Darrian Karlin on the first stage of his journey and is thought to be one of the crediting instigators that lead to the eventual war. Banished from her home

History Edit

Early Life: Edit

Emily grew up in a small coastal town south of Yurie. Her parents were loving and supportive in those early years. By the age of three Ivan had taken a personal interest in the girl's education. He read to her often and inspired further curiosity in the world around the village. Though Emily's relationship with her mother has often been tentative, the two did get along well enough.

Months before Emily turned five a stranger came to the house looking for Ivan. The two discussed an unknown topic in private for quite some time. When they reappeared Ivan announced he would be leaving for a few years, though he wouldn't explain why.

For a time Emily and her mother lived in quiet solitude. Their relationship had become strained since her father left and only grew worse when Emily's magic began to manifest. Even in small incidents her mother became more and more hostile until one day she kicked Emily out of the house and told her to never come back. Whether fear of the magic itself or the repercussions of having a mage as a child in Divinity lands lead to this outcome is still a mystery.

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