Estheris was once a warden credited for the killing of Hevarion a wild dragon with no full ties to Aurora's line. He served as a warden for over 2000 years before becoming bored with the venture and a want to settle down. It was soon after the fall of the Thirteen that he happened upon Jal'vier and the two struck up a business proposition. They would co run a brothel with Jal'vier the true owner but to city officials and Divinity alike; he would appear as owner. The two have been managing it successful, leading joint operations for the Outcast faction in both anti-human and anti-akyrie trafficking.

Bio Edit

  • Age: 
  • Title:
  • Species: Angel
  • Magic:  
  • Bounty: none 
  • Armaments:
  • Faction: Divinity(former), Outcast 
  • Primary Location: Vera
  • Occupation: Co-owner of the Bleeding Heart
  • Rank: none
  • Family: unknown

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