• Age: 
  • Title: The Dragon of Sanctuary
  • Magic: Earth
  • Bounty: 
  • Armaments: 
  • Faction: Outcast
  • -Primary Location: Haven
  • Occupation: Architect
  • Rank: Chief of Construction Division
  • Family: Krieg(Brother), Mivius Blaise(Brother), Xerna(Sister), Fwayli(Mother; Deceased), Vectus(Father; Deceased), Aurora(Grandmother; Deceased)


  • Terraform: Gola is able to sculpt his own body using earth magic.

The Creation of Haven

see Haven

During the hunts Gola secluded himself in a uninhabitable courner of Crucible and dug. He dug deep and slow, taking his time and created a multitude of pockets that could easily house any of his kin if they chose to seek sanctuary.

Sands of Memory

Gola's introduction as described by Emily:

"A massive hand appeared on the column nearest Darrian, so large that Emily could have almost fit inside it. A dark sand coloured snout poked out as the rest of the behemoth lumbered into view. It was a dragon, it had to be, and at the same time it wasn’t. A flat snout curved downwards into a pointed chin, short lanky white hair hanging just above his yellow eyes. Two sets of pointed horns grew from the top of his head, while another pair curled around from behind to rest under his pointed ears. The dragon’s scales were flecked with red giving Emily the impression of lava trying to escape the ground. He was clad in nothing but a pair of  beige shorts, and a bandage on one arm. What set the creature apart more than anything was the sheer size of him, standing straight Emily guessed his head might have brushed the underside of the catwalks."

Gola was then reintroduced in a diminished state where he was not under the effects of Terraform.