You stand here, a single soul amid the turmoil of history and legend. Dylaera is a world like nothing you've seen before, an old world steeped in it's spirituality and mythology. Wherever you find yourself in its story be it the Dawn of Ancients, perhaps the legend of Alminiri, or maybe you'll be one of the first to leave it on the DGEV Ingenuity, either way you will not be lacking for adventure. The planet itself is tretcherous to all who are not ready for it. A monstrous tornado rips at the sands of Jericho, an ancient storm rages behind an illusion to drag ships to their watery doom, mountains that peirce the heavens cover Doliceire like the spikes of a long dead creature. Despite all Dylaera is not a dead world; it lives in the souls of all its inhabitants.

Do you find yourself eager to learn of the Akyrie, a collection of species that combines human and animals? Perhaps the Angels who held rule over Dylaera for more than 10,000 years and the Dragons that broke their reign? You have no need to state a reason, for it matters not to anyone but yourself. So go on, live within this world as one of its many stories and become something who history will remember. The path before you is full of wonder all you have to do is find it.

Dylaera's Timeline

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Series One: The Ember's War Saga

The Embers' War, a turning point in Dylaera's history and the official end to the Divine era. These six volumes follow Darrian Karlin. Though many dispute the true start of his journey it is widely believe everything began with the meeting of Emily Alistair. 

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