Jal'vier Kessler is a master assassin and thief once notorious for her exploits across Jericho and The Endless Isles. Early in her life she became fascinated by alchemy and chemistry, studying the subjects thoroughly. Through her teachings and own self experimentation the dragon mastered not only how to create various toxins and poisons but also several medicines.

Appearance Edit

Human: Edit

A woman of pale complexion standing at a height of 5'6"(172cm) with soft masculine features. Her ghostly white hair is kept short except for a fringe that hangs over the left side of her face. The ends of her hair fades gradually into a dark(almost black) blue.

Vaelon: Edit

Jal'vier's physical appearance is similar to a spiny bush viper with two short horns that angle from the back of her skull. While primarily a dark green/black the tips of her raised scales fade to a lighter green/dirty yellow.

Abilities: Edit

Poisons: Edit

  • Nightcap: A tasteless poison that is nonfatal once ingested. Becomes incendiary once mixed with alcohol.
  • Scarlet Mist: A breath attack the pours out as a dense fog through exhalation. Once oxidation begins the gas rises and begins to dissipate. Known to cause paralysis and unconsciousness.

Vyper's Bite: Edit

  • Shadow's Bullet: Through the perforations in the dagger droplets of acid collect and through momentum are fired at the target. The high volatility of the acid allows it to puncture clean through flesh. Less effective against armour.

Partnership Edit

Jal'vier has an interesting relationship with Elion, a Warden and double agent to the Veran Crown. Though they keep their friendship a secret it is recorded in the Division 6 archives. It all began when Jal'vier stepped away from her notoriety of being a high profile assassin. She had become repulsed by the deteriorating state of Vera's street crime and decided to redirect it for the better. With a proposition in hand she approached the Veran high council under the guise of Sinclaire Kessler and broached for the requisition permits for a brothel. The council rapidly brushed away the request when they latched onto the alminiri's masculine features and thought her a man in disguise. After a heated exchange which had drawn the interested of Elion, she managed to make the Warden laugh at the expensive of the council and he instead decided to review the request personally. Upon hearing the request the Warden revealed his knowledge of Jal'vier's real identity but instead of capturing the alminiri decided on forming a partnership.