• Age: 
  • Title: King of Outcasts, Lord of Haven, The Blackwing Saint, The Black Bishop,
  • Species: Arch Angel
  • Magic: Soul Manipulation: Sentient Organic
  • Bounty: 5,000,000
  • Armaments:
  • Faction: Outcast
  • Primary Location: Haven
  • Occupation: Faction Leader
  • Rank: Faction Leader
  • Family: Emmanuel(Father, Deceased), Tellana(Mother, Deceased)

Early Life

As true son to the King of Divinity, Lucifer would have become the next king. Being an Arch Angel as well as his father awarded him the dual priviledges of both. He was raised together with the other Arch Angel children of the day: Michael, Alrea, Sadolphine, Gabriel, Raphiel, and Metarion. To his father's severe disappointment however Lucifer prefered the company of street urchans, humans, slaves, and other such unsavoury characters. Emmanuel's dislike turned fowler when Sadolphine and Gabriel also began to engage in such behavior and follow Lucifer around.


As the boy grew up Emmanuel eventually believed that Lucifer was wrought with corruption and so he had the captain of the king's guard take Lucifer on a pilgramage of Dylaera. This was to get Lucifer out of the way so that Emmanuel could teach Michael(who he would later adopt as his true son) how to be a king.

Lucifer, after pleading was eventually allowed to take Gabriel and Sadol along with him and so the four set out. 

Thirteen Bells

Ellaria explains to Darrian that Lucifer knew about the Thriteens' plot, upon returning to haven the young dragon reveals Lucifer's involvement to the other thirty-nine dragons. Krieg enrages and leaves the keep after forsaking the Arch Angel and it isn't until later that Krieg returns to challenge him for full rule over the Outcast faction. 

Sands of Memory