A global event that occured in Dylaera's past, heralding a new reality for the planets' inhabitants.



Spiritual Explanations

Scientific Theory

The research, theories, and experimentation into the event that warped all life on Dylaera would not be pursued until well after the main series. For thousands of years the ES was thought to be divine or spiritual in nature but in reality the event  was much more just happenstance. 

Dylaera lies within the Milky Way/Syk’valir(an old Bael word meaning Fire-Scar in Dylaera), unlike Earth however if you look at the galaxy like a clock it rests at 8:00 and it is substantially closer to the galactic center. Thus when a random happenstance that resulted in more that one solar body being consumed by the super-massive black hole, the resulting outflux of radiation was thrown outwards and a rogue wave washed over the planet. The atmosphere was lit up, a fluctuating array of colours brought forth a planet wide day that lasted for 13 total days. For that period night wouldn’t come and at best the light only dimmed for a short amount of hours. After the days passed and the life resumed the early astronomers were baffled, the population was baffled and it eventually was thought to be nothing. The results varied: Horses gradually became extinct to be replaces with the Kalarie, the Akyrie(kin) species came slowly into existence, Dragons gained the ability to both speak verbally and became endowed with Breed Magic, Demons and Mages began appearing, and more. Dylaera changed in less than two weeks more that millions of years of evolution.