Krieg SM

One of the oldest of the Imortal Fifty-Three he left Haven during the conclusion of Thirteen Bells after challenging Lucifer to a fight and losing.


  • Title: The Dragon of Family
  • Bounty: 875,000
  • Age: 5952
  • Breed: Magma(Earth Major + Fire Minor)
  • Weapons: Korgrok a large two handed sword that rests in a sheath crossways over his lower back.


Core Rage: 


Hell's Break:

Obsidian Rend:

Vulcan Eruption:

Vulcan Hammer:

Thirteen BellsEdit

Enraged by Lucifer withholding information on the Thirteen's battle, Krieg challenges him to a fight over control of the Outcast faction. Lucifer's attempts to explain his lack of actual official control of the faction fails and the dragon attacks anyways only to be stopped by the intervention of Darrian and Dusk. Having no more want to be around Lucifer he leaves Haven to begin a long life of banditry. The Crystal dragon Xerna joins him promising Darrian to keep and eye on the volitile Magma breed.

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